June 2019

Iris Nova, the Coca-Cola-backed startup that creates Dirty Lemon beverages, is announcing plans to spend $100 million over the next three to five years to expand its offerings. Founder and CEO Zak Normandin said the money will go towards launching new beverage brands developed internally at Iris Nova, as well as investing in beverages created by other companies, which will then distributed via the Iris Nova platform. Read More Here


June 2019

Zak is a serial entrepreneur with a deep background in building successful consumer products. It was his first company, Little Duck Organics, that taught him about the CPG industry and how the whole ecosystem works. This organic snacks & cereal company was a success as its products were distributed to over 10,000 stores worldwide including major retailers like Whole Foods, Target, and others. Read More Here


June 2019

In pioneering innovations — including a text message-based ordering platform and a smartphone operated vending machine — for his functional beverage brand Dirty Lemon, Zak Normandin, CEO and founder of Iris Nova, has leveraged technology to bring a new generation of tech and health savvy consumers a different kind of drinking experience. Read More Here


April 2019

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday took a deeper look at Dirty Lemon, the health-conscious drink owned by Iris Nova, to understand how its business model could help keep down inflation: embrace the honor system. Cramer introduced the private company to viewers earlier this week in an interview with Iris Nova CEO Zak Normandin. Instead of hiring cashiers, Dirty Lemon has a store in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, and will soon open a second in the city’s Hudson Yards area, where patrons voluntarily pay more than $10 for lemon-based drinks via text message. Read More Here


March 2019

The World’s Most Innovative Companies. For turning texting into the next great retail channel. Read More Here


February 2019

The founder and chief executive officer of Iris Nova is building his portfolio of wellness beverage brands outside the constraints of traditional retail. For starters, there’s c-commerce — or, conversational commerce, which Normandin predicts will someday replace e-commerce as the platform of choice on which consumers will prefer to buy products from brands they love. Read More Here


January 2019

As more and more people are shifting away from soda, many of the major brands are racing to invest in healthier alternatives. That includes Iris Nova, a company which produces the health beverage Dirty Lemon. The company just received a $15 million investment from Coca-Cola and has big plans for the year ahead. Read More Here


December 2018

Iris Nova’s products will continue to be wellness-minded and absent of sugars and sweeteners, unlike many of Coca-Cola’s products, and customers will not be able to find them in mass consumer channels like grocery stores or pharmacies. “I don’t want customers to think our products are all of a sudden going to be on massive trucks being shipped across the country,” said Normandin. Read More Here


December 2018

Coke, now the startup’s largest investor, led a $15 million investment round that values Iris Nova at about $60 million. Iris Nova is the maker of Dirty Lemon, a line of upscale drinks, including a recently discontinued one made with CBD, that found traction with customers on Instagram before the company launched its first retail location in Manhattan this year. Read More Here